SDC – Sm@rtline Data Cockpit

SDC - Sm@rtline Data CockpitA middleware for central analyser data handling.

  • 50+ supported devices.
  • Improve your knowledge, improve your process, reduce your costs, improve your reaction times.

Visit the AGU SDC site for a full list of supported analyzers & other devices.

General benefits

Reliability of data

SDC shortens measurement times, which leads to more frequent data and therefore to more knowledge about correllations between critical parameters. Reproducable and automated cell culture analysis improves the reliability of data.

Central database

The central database provides a unique point of information. Data-analysis occurs within ONE database and not in many different databases. Efficient data-evaluation occurs in One system for flexible data-analysis and reporting.

Global visibility

Global data collection increases the visibility of different processes. Global task sharing is facilitated.

Data availability

SDC delivers the data simply and transparently. The operator saves valuable time on the preparation of measurements and data transfer.

Transparency and traceability

SDC makes a comprehensive correlation of analyzer and sensor measurements in research, development and production possible and creates transparancy and traceability.

Calibration data

Calibration data during a product lifecycle (research, development and production) can be compared and contrasted regardless of the device used.

User benefits

Sample handling

Measurements can be repeated easily and they can be prepared while the analyzers are still working. It is possible to monitor measurement progress from anywhere within the company‘s network, including status observation of devices and calculation of time remaining. The measuring procedures of the analyzers are controlled without further user action.

Data evaluation / calculation

Individual measurement results of the analyzers and sensors can be evaluated and calculated into a single result (e.g., mean value, trypsinization). Measurement results can be evaluated / calculated according to batch ID and then displayed graphically in a “time cultivation chart”. The integrated batch comparison enables comparison with the golden batch.

Intuitive system

SDC’s modern and intuitive operating concept is grounded in practical experience, resulting in wide acceptance and minimizing need for on-the-job training.

Validation effort

SDC reduces the validation efforts tremendously by replacing the manual transaction and processing of data by the user.

GMP conforming data handling

Paperless data handling of measurements and data transfer to foreign systems (LIMS, MES, ERP) occurs with electronic signatures and change logs in consideration of 21 CFR Part 11. This ensures the data integrity of all measurements and further parameters. The operator can transfer data for special reports or evaluations easily to Excel.