Microtrac is our preferred partner for the comprehensive characterization of particulate systems. The company provides advanced technologies to obtain consistently reliable results, with innovation and quality at the core of everything they do.

 Microtrac’s 3 pillars of excellence are:

  • Gas Adsorption: with the BEL range and its cutting-edge analyzers for surface area & pore size distribution, gas & vapor adsorption, catalyst evaluation, density measurement, breakthrough curve measurement, high-pressure gas adsorption, and mercury porosimetry.
  • Particle size & shape: physical characterization of particles with Dynamic Image Analysis (CAMSIZER range) and Laser Diffraction (SYNC).
  • Stability & Dispersibility analysis: with Dynamic Light Scattering (NANOTRAC), Static Multiple Light Scattering (TURBISCAN range, the world leader in stability analysis of liquid formulas), Zeta Potential, and Charge Titration (STABINO ZETA).

 With its extensive portfolio, Microtrac is a leading company for making particle analysis accurate, effective, and convenient to exceed customer expectations”.