Heraeus platinum laboratory equipment

Equipment made of platinum – ideally suited for labscale analytical and laboratory systems. Laboratory equipment calls for materials with very special properties, whether it involves analytical investigations or chemical analysis. The platinum labware produced by Heraeus has among others the following advantages:

Mechanically and chemically stable as well as able to withstand high temperatures

  • Resistant to acids and corrosion thanks to internal material characteristics


Costs less than you might imagine

Investing in platinum labware from Heraeus really does pay off.

Protecting your Precious Metal Investments

Recycling your used precious metal labware plays an important part in buying new Heraeus Platinum Labware because it often covers the majority of the cost. The sooner you recycle your old labware the sooner you recover your investment.

The Heraeus Platinum Labware Recycling Program

Our program is designed to assist the Laboratory Manager by applying the maximum value for old unusable precious metals towards the purchase of new Heraeus Labware. Heraeus can provide an estimate of the value for your old labware and scrap. By combining the Heraeus Recycling Estimate with the estimated cost of the new Heraeus Platinum Labware, your purchasing department can quickly see the lower “net cost” of your Platinum Labware purchase request.

Setting the Record Straight

Heraeus is a Full Service Refiner. Unlike many platinum labware suppliers we actually refine your materials so that there are no third party costs passed on to you. Heraeus handles a wide range of precious metal recyclables such as labware, thermocouple wire, circuit boards and many other types of high grade precious metal scrap and sweepings.

What can you purchase with your Recycling Credit?

Once the refining process is complete Heraeus forms the resultant precious metals into a wide variety of useful products including rod, wire, sheet, foil, tubes, gauzes, powders, specialty components and an endless array of other precious metal products. Your recycling credit can be used to purchase any Heraeus Precious Metal Product.