carboliteCarbolite is the UK’s world leading manufacturer and supplier of elite laboratory chamber/box and tube furnaces and laboratory and industrial furnaces, ovens and incubators.

The extensive portfolio offered by Carbolite includes both elite laboratory chamber/box furnaces & laboratory tube furnaces to 1800°C. Tube furnaces are available as single or multi-zone, horizontal/vertical, split & rotating models. A wide variety of tube diameters & tube heated lengths is available. Chamber/box furnaces are available in many sizes and models include high temperature furnaces, ashing/calcining furnaces, furnaces for the analysis of coal & coke and precious metals evaluation furnaces (cupellation/fire assay).
In addition to the range of elite laboratory furnaces, ovens and incubators, Carbolite also offers an extensive range of pilot plant and industrial furnaces and industrial ovens for various heat treatment applications.

Product ranges include: mesh belt furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, top loading furnaces, top hat furnaces, blade strip hardening furnaces and elevator hearth furnaces. The range of industrial ovens includes both batch and continuous ovens. Examples of these are aluminium solution ovens, bogie hearth ovens, air recirculating chamber ovens and inert atmosphere ovens.