Progeny™ Handheld Raman Analyzer

From the evolution of handheld spectroscopy arrives Progeny – the first handheld Raman analyzer designed to be customizable and flexible for seamless integration into any work environment. Now you can perform lab-quality analysis of the widest range of solids, powders, liquids, and other substances to ensure consumer safety around the globe.

Progeny provides the power of Raman spectroscopy in a handheld form with no compromises. You are empowered to choose the complexity of the task at hand. Its unique software design provides articulate communication of simple PASS/FAIL decision or more detailed analysis results for a variety of applications in the lab, in the field, or wherever you need data.

Also the FirstGuardTM is amongst the new breed of handheld instrumentation in 1064nm to avoid fluorescence in many samples activated by 785nm we supply also 785nm or even both wavelengths in one instrument, designed to be taken into the factory warehouse or the field for real-time, fast sample measurements. Equipped with an integrated vial holder, switchable lithium ion battery, and optional barcode reader, the FirstGuard is ideal for GMP facilities and is configured with secure software for 21 CRF part 11 compliance. Bringing analysis to the point of need, the FirstGuard can significantly cut the time and costs associated with lab testing, ensure product quality and provide a rapid return on investment